Big Hearts Forever

Sarah's Ambitions - Big Hearts ForeverSarah's Ambitions - Big Hearts ForeverSarah's Ambitions - Big Hearts Forever

Dress: Theory via Nordstrom Rack. Faux leather moto: Target. Handbag: Michael Kors Astrid Satchel. Kitten Heels: Tahari via DSW. Perfume necklace: H&M. Men’s watch: Invicta. LOVE ring stack and gem bracelet: Forever21.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone had a day filled with love and celebration of the most powerful thing on Earth. There are people who scoff at the holiday and say it’s fabricated, but really, what in life isn’t? We add “artificial” importance to every day: the Earth orbits and spins whether or not you follow tradition A or B, and whether you wore your PJs all day or donned something that makes you feel oh-so-fabulous. Why not celebrate love every day? It doesn’t matter if you’re attached or not.

“I have an everyday religion that works for me. Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line.” – Lucille Ball

If you didn’t treat yourself yesterday, do it today. And tomorrow. And the day after that!

People with big hearts always win in the long run. So let’s all open ours and make the most of this wild ride around the sun. Let other people in. Let people out when they hurt you. I’ve recently had to do that a few times, and while it aches at first, everything gets better with time (especially wine).

Except cellulite. That stuff finds you out of nowhere, and I am here to tell you that more people need to let a girl know that it happens to almost everyone, no matter size. And yep, you’re still beautiful.

Xo, Sarah


Jumpsuit for Joy

Sarah's Ambitions - Jumping Joy SuitSarah's Ambitions - Jumping Joy SuitSarah's Ambitions - Jumping Joy SuitSarah's Ambitions - Jumping Joy SuitSarah's Ambitions - Jumping Joy Suit

Jumpsuit: Vince via Nordstrom Rack (similar Rachel Roy). Ballet flats: Sam Edelman via Nordstrom. Faux leather moto: Target. Leopard haircalf belt: Target. Gold box clutch: Target. Perfume pendant: H&M. Rhinestone bracelet: Forever21 (similar from Nordstrom). Men’s watch: Invicta. Round sunglasses: Target.

When I saw this jumpsuit at Nordstrom Rack, I thought there was no way it would fit. I’m 5’11” with a 37″ inseam and a tiny torso, so nothing pre-fab fits my whole body – except this. And it was on major sale, as in I would have paid the original $295 but instead I only paid $59. Like, come on, is this real life? Jumping for joy.

I’m really liking setting my own rules for office suit attire. My boss says a jumpsuit is entirely acceptable in my home office (#selfemployedbenefits). I also actually wore this to a client meeting, and while running other business errands. Managing my own business is challenging, but I know that it will pay off in the long run and I am loving creating my own future. The biggest thing is finding your groove, then digging in and pushing forward.

Xo, Sarah


Mini A-Go-Go

Feathered mini skirt: H&M. Black v-neck tee: Target. Faux leather moto: Target. Tan handbag: Michael Kors Hamilton Tote. Black pointed flats with a bow: Ivanka Trump via Nordstrom. Black-and-white bauble necklace in gold: White House Black Market. Pavé pendant necklace: Target. Perfume pendant necklace: H&M. Men’s watch: Invicta, borrowed from le hubs. Jewel bracelet: Forever21. Gold strand bracelet: Forever21. Round sunglasses: Target.

Despite the à gogo length of leg happening over here, this is one of my favorite ensembles to run around and get things done. The fluffy mini is extremely comfortable (even when we did this shoot on the chilly, chilly beach) and stacks of jewelry make everything better. Write that truth down.

Le hubs and I have come to a crossroads in our life, and as usual, we are taking the road less traveled by. It is making all the difference, and I am loving it. We are so a-go-go every day and I wouldn’t have it any other way, except on the days that I just need a nap. But there’s no time for a nap right now, I’m à gogo on my go-go.

Xo, Sarah


Black on Black

Faux leather panel pencil skirt: Forever21 // Gold-trim button-up: Forever21 // Pointed pumps: Nine West // Black moto: Target // Round sunglasses: Target // Perfume necklace: H&M // Men’s watch: Invicta

I kind of love these photos, because you can’t even see the textures of the outfit with the magical backlight of the perfectly pastel Pacifica sunset. My favorite way to do a single-tone outfit is to incorporate multiple fabrics and finishes, and this faux-leather panel pencil skirt from Forever21 is one of my favorite recent finds, considering my affinity for donning black. The gold collar detail on the sheer black blouse adds a regal flash of sass to a boardroom-ready ensemble. Paired with my favorite pumps, this outfit took me through multiple meetings and a few intense deadlines with nary a flaw to be seen.

The beauty of a black on black look is that you’re virtually guaranteed to present a polished front. The fact that I’ve seen some tweets calling this a fall trend makes it even better. Parisian chic, order for an entire season. Check, please!

Xo, Sarah

8 to 8 Chic

Sequin-collar blouse: Forever21 // Pencil skirt with faux leather detail: Forever21 // Watch: Invicta // Perfume necklace: H&M // Pointed pumps: Nine West // Moto: Target

It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of working long days, but I’ve been making more time for fitting in what I love on my off-hours to keep me more inspired when I’m on. Blogs like 9 to 5 Chic and Atlantic-Pacific (Blaire is so iconic, and so sweet) keep me motivated to keep my style game high and to share it on my blog.

I dedicate this post to those of us who work long hours, commute long hours and still keep it together throughout the day well enough to let a (known) paparazzo get a few snaps. Bravo, bloggers. Hats off to the #getitgirls! We do it with sparkle, we do it with poise, we keep it chic for twelve hours a day and we document it. That, fellow fashionistas, takes guts and glamor. And the occasional sequined collar and extra-large Diet Coke.

Xo, Sarah