Sequins and Hooky

Sarah's Ambitions - Sequins and Hooky

Sarah's Ambitions - Sequins and Hooky

Sarah's Ambitions - Sequins and Hooky

Sarah's Ambitions - Sequins and Hooky

Sweater: Gap. Sequin shorts: Forever21 (similar from Dillards). DIY glitter mani.

This simple and sparkly ensemble was just what a long day at my little home office needed – two comfy but chic favorites remixed for sassy-and-sweet work day attire.

Le hubs snapped these photos as I snuck a little break perusing Net-a-Porter, adding to my growing wish list and perusing their uber-cool online magazine.

My guilty pleasure is Instagram. I love scrolling through every few hours and catching up on fellow fashionistas around the world. Someday, I’d love to cruise through Chanel as often as Miroslava Duma, or have a wardrobe as enviable as Blair Eadie’s. Today, though, seeing a manicure done by local nail legends Pams & Kin inspired me to remedy my growing-out gel manicure as a quick afternoon break with some clear polish and a hefty dose of craft glitter. Do you like the glitzy results? I’m smitten! It only took about ten minutes to do all of my nails.

Here’s to sneaking the occasional break. My dad used to read me The King’s Stilts by Dr. Seuss when I was a kid:

“And when they played they really played. And when they worked they really worked.”

Seuss clearly gets the #getitgirl.

Xo, Sarah


Dolman and a Fur Skirt





Sarah's Ambitions - Dolman and a Fur Skirt

Sarah's Ambitions - Dolman and a Fur Skirt

Sweater: Gap. Skirt: H&M. Handbag: Michael Kors. Sunglasses: Target. Flats: Ivanka Trump via Nordstrom. Dog tags: Express. Bracelet: Forever21. Watch: Invicta, borrowed from le hubs.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that big things have been happening in my life. Rather, I have earned some big changes for myself. I just went AWOL from the grind and am starting my own company, and I am effervescent with excitement, pride and ambition. It’s definitely more than the fact that I haven’t been tan in two years, I swear.

I wore this outfit for a day at my home office, then out to a cozy dinner with le hubs. This Gap sweater has been in high rotation ever since I bought it, with its perfectly boyfriendy-but-chic shape.

Another big announcement: I finally made the leap to the beautiful world of DSLR photography and I’m not going back. I’m in love, I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it.

Cheers to all my #getitgirl friends out there. Bravo.

Xo, Sarah


White Monochrome

Ivory angora sweater: Ann Taylor. Sheer white blouse: Bellatrix via Nordstrom Rack. White skinny jeans: Gap. Ivory pea coat: Express, old. Bordeaux handbag: Michael Kors Astrid satchel. Burgundy snakeprint pumps: Target. Round sunglasses: Target. Baubled necklace: White House Black Market. Gold and rhinestone necklace: Forever21. Tiered gold and rope necklace: Target. Pavé pendant: Target. Men’s watch: Invicta, borrowed from le hubs. Gold cuff: Forever21. Gold and rhinestone bracelet: Forever21.

I did a major closet inventory over the holiday and set aside the clothes I never wear. That left me with a very minimal wardrobe – which is 50% black, 25% white and much of the rest are pieces I’m not too wild about, feeble attempts at adding color. You could say I have pigeonholed my style, but I prefer the term ‘Parisian chic.’ While I do want to invest in more fun pieces (Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific always inspires me), right now, being able to mix and match everything is practically perfect in every way. I can Mary Poppins together a polished outfit in ten seconds flat, and the remix capabilities are endless. Now I just need her never-ending bag of amazing outfits and décor.

This outfit was my solution for a day that started with pouring rain. The monochrome look is so fun, and I wanted to flip it from my typical all-black ensemble to something a little more holiday-inspired and trendy. It also made my shoes and handbag really pop – a guy walking by even complimented them!

How will you rock the monochrome trend? Maybe next time I’ll go all out and do neon pink.

Xo, Sarah

P.S. I tried a new setting with my digital camera instead of using my iPhone after reading this Blog Trends article on non-DSLR photography, and I love how the photos turned out a little bit Michael-Kors-editorial-meets-Juergen-Teller-lighting. I’m still experimenting with my photography – share your tips below, too!


Easy Chic

Faux fur: H&M. Aviators: 1903s c/o Ellison Sunglass Co. Black jacket: Springfield (purchased in Spain, Spring 2009). Sheer black button-up: Pleione via Nordstrom Rack. Camisole: Banana Republic. Bootcut denim: Gap Long & Lean. Bordeaux handbag: Astrid Satchel by Michael Kors. Black pumps: Steve Madden. Men’s watch: Invicta, borrowed from le hubs.

This outfit was very quick to assemble and get out the door. We had places to be and people to see without time to get ready — which is why I love stocking up on go-to pieces like these that don’t require much strategizing in case of emergency.

Xo, Sarah

P.S. A smile is always in season and is the easiest accessory 😉


New England Charm

Faux fur vest: Rachel Zoe via Shopbop (last year) // Boyfriend shirt: Gap // Skinny jeans: Paige Denim via Nordstrom Rack // Bow flats: Ivanka Trump via Nordstrom (similar here) // Tiered necklace: Target // Round sunglasses: Target (similar here) // Watch: Invicta, borrowed from le hubs // Nail polish: Sonia Kashuk in Golden Ticket

Architecture is much like fashion, with different styles, nuances and personal flair. On this overcast day, le hubs and I snuck in a trip to Starbucks to add a little charm to the morning. While we weren’t in New England, the building that served as this photo shoot’s backdrop paid no mind.

This morning, my husband actually embarked for our home state, where I followed a while later after wrapping up some large projects at work. My style stuck out there, but I, too, paid no mind. I was true to my own style and carried on.

However, unlike this beautifully wind-worn backdrop, my style inspiration is a fluid, ever-developing entity. I love looking back through photos and seeing how my personal style has evolved — and recognizing that I have never felt more myself than I do now. And that leaves me feeling charmed.

What keeps you charmed and new? Do it today.

Xo, Sarah

Layered Fall Love

Angora blend sweater: Ann Taylor // Printed dress: Gap // Bordeaux Astrid Satchel: Michael Kors // Black pointed bow flats: Ivanka Trump via Nordstrom (similar here)

Perfume bottle necklace: H&M (similar I adore here) // Tiered gold rope necklace: Target // Gold dog tags necklace: Express // Gold and silver watch: Invicta, borrowed from le hubs // Round sunglasses: Target // Red nail polish: Chanel 475 Dragon // Red lipstick: Maybelline Continuous Cranberry

Fall is here and the change of the season has le hubs and me ready for change ourselves. I’m layering my favorite pieces (this new Gap dress and Ann Taylor sweater are currently topping my list, and I got them both on sale!), le hubs finally tried a slim cut for his jeans (and they look amazing!) and our puppies’ sweaters will soon make an appearance for evening walks — but it goes deeper than simply the sartorial sense.

In short, the Longs are calling on their ambitions and making big things happen. Every day is another opportunity for wisdom to grow, doubts to diminish and love to flourish, and we’re layering it all on this fall.

Xo, Sarah

P.S. And sometimes, when you’ve been a #getitgirl and you’ve been working really hard, you get to treat yourself to a gorgeous, bordeaux handbag from Michael Kors. Luckily, my day to do so just happened and I am enamored with the result! Can I get a co-sign??

Pacifica Playday

Cable sweater: Gap // Waxed denim: Target // Sleeveless button-up: Forever21 // Pointed bow flats: Ivanka Trump via Nordstrom // Lucite perfume necklace: H&M // Watch: Invicta, borrowed from le hubs

A little ocean breeze, some sand between my toes and some time with my little family is often all it takes to make every care drift away. Le hubs and I spent the day playing in Pacifica, brunching at our favorite spot and snuggling our puppies all afternoon. This outfit epitomizes what I love for casual weekend style, with a dash of chic in an easy-to-wear ensemble.

The big little things — always take a magical minute for them.

Xo, Sarah

Sliver of Sun

Cable sweater: Gap // White button-up: Banana Republic // Black pleated skirt: Forever21 (in stores, similar in yellow here) // Round sunglasses: Target (in stores, similar here) // Lip gloss: L’Oreal le Gloss in Violet Attitude // Gold cord necklace: Target // Leopard faux calfhair belt: Target (in stores, similar from Express here) // Watch: Invicta, borrowed from le hubs // Black leather wedges: Steve Madden (last season, similar here)

To snap these photos, le hubs and I found the last sliver of sun still hitting the ground and used it until there was nothing left but a pink glow in the sky. Now that we both commute quite a distance, finding the opportunity to photo shoots is a rare thing. This night, we were each able to leave our offices a little early, so we snuck in a trip to Whole Foods for some grocery shopping before running home to our puppies. Just this season, I took on an affinity for sunflowers. Perhaps its the Midwest in me grasping for something familiar, or perhaps I’m just drawn to their ineffable, innate radiance of happiness.

I saw this sweater on Gap’s Facebook page and immediately fell in love. That same afternoon, le hubs and I ran to the new Gap concept store in San Mateo, CA at Hillsdale Mall and lucky me, it was on sale! The new store there is also fabulous — I’m moderately obsessed. There is an adorable neon “Heart of the Peninsula” sign (check out my Instagram!), a movie board with the store’s name, and my favorite part, clean, contemporary shopping with my favorite styles and colors. (FYI, I heard they are having a fun event for FNO next week!)

The coming of fall and close of summer has me torn. In my little city by the bay, summer is just starting (bye, fog!), and farther south, temperatures are starting to turn, much as the leaves did in my home state this time of year. This outfit was my compromise, with a little autumn inspiration thrown into the summer ensemble. I’m torn in more than a sartorial sense, though: while I love seeing the Pacific outside my window every morning, the sunshine of the Peninsula is calling my name. Let’s see if my sunflowers hold me over.

Xo, Sarah

Making It

Snakeprint sweater: BCBG Max Azria (last season, similar here) // White skinny denim: Gap (last season, similar here) // Black leather wedges: Steve Madden (last season, similar here) // Woven chain necklace: Forever21 // Black leather wristlet: Coach // Black cateye sunglasses: Target

If you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it.

Essentially, that motto simplifies one of the beliefs by which I have guided my life. It has helped me change much of the negative in my little world and has given me the gusto to get where I am today. When I didn’t like living in Minnesota, I made the cross-country leap to California on sheer ambition. If I wasn’t happy at a job, I did something to fix it. I don’t just quit, like the motto may imply, I make it better.

I’m making something great out here. Between my blog, my job, my boo and my bubbies, there is quite a lot that keeps me going. So when a few internet trolls decided to bash me when Gap featured my recent post, I was a little surprised. It wasn’t my favorite photo, but it by no means looked like I “forgot to put on pants.”

Even though those people were clearly wrong and rude, it made me feel overly exposed and vulnerable. I felt self-conscious about the way that I looked, which made my already shaky body image (discussed here) take a nose dive. I had also gotten some bad family news earlier in the morning, and I was near defeat. I considered quitting blogging, because I definitely wasn’t enjoying the situation.

I’ve felt this way before (discussed here). Fact of the matter is, when you have your own editorial space, people will be critical. Mean, even. Worse, claim your material as their own.

But that’s the creative world. People will love what you do, people will hate what you do, or they’ll hate you for loving what you do. Anna, I totally get it now.

I needed to focus on the positive, which my lovely Twitter crew reminded me of oh-so-sweetly. Gap featured me on their Facebook! Woohoo!

So, once again, I’m here to stay. I love what I do. And I’m working on getting tougher, because there is no reason for anyone to shake me.

Shoutout to Gap for handling the situation so well. I am obviously still obsessed with the brand. (People, the Always Skinny jean will always make you look skinny. Trust.)

And, as I said the last time I discussed this: shoutout to my haters, sorry that you couldn’t (really) faze me.

I am making it. Thank you for following along with my little space in the fashion world. Let’s make this werk.

Xo always, Sarah

Dashing Florals

Floral scarf: H&M (last year) // White boyfriend button-up: Gap // Black lacy shorts: BCBG Max Azria (similar here) // Oversize black jacket: Springfield (purchased in Spain, Spring 2009) // Red suede bow flats: Ivanka Trump // Black patent shoulder bag: Coach (old) // Round sunglasses: Target // Gold and silver watch: Invicta, borrowed from le hubs (similar, smaller version here)

Lately, my life has been all go, go, go, which is just fine for this #getitgirl. I’ve been so busy with my new job that I haven’t been home in time at night to snap outfit photos before dark, and on the weekends, sleep has been my top priority (followed closely by watching Psych on Netflix with le hubs and our snugglepups).

This outfit is my perfect run-out-the-door kind of look for a busy Sunday afternoon. A simple black and white combination (don’t even feign surprise) with a dash of floral and pop of red, and we were in business.

Le hubs and I drove to San Francisco, where I bought my first bit of Chanel, a bottle of Dragon nail polish. We then drove down the peninsula and found the sunshine and a new hairstylist who tamed my tresses five minutes after we took these photos. (TGFY — thank goodness for Yelp!) A quick mani/pedi, plenty of puppy snuggles and a slice of Domino’s new gluten-free pizza later, le hubs and I called it a weekend.

The little things always end up really being the big things. Enjoying these moments with my little Cali family may seem like the norm, but it’s what I love most. And a quick swish of a scarf takes but a moment, but really makes the outfit.

Parallels in life and fashion — my work here is done.

Xo, Sarah