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Incognito in Paris

Sarah's Ambitions | Incognito in Paris Sarah's Ambitions | Incognito in Paris Sarah's Ambitions | Incognito in Paris

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Outfit details while shopping to make a difference:

Soft white shirt Amour Vert A
Fit-and-flare black skirt Zara C
Black leather flats Sam Edelman via Nordstrom B+
Faux leather jacket Old Target, great ASOS alternative here C
White, semi-structured, faux leather handbag Zara C
Oversize sunglasses Dior via Nordstrom B+
Gold “loveyou” necklace Etsy, gift from my husband (sold out, similar here) A
Pale pink nail polish Mineral Fusion in “Blushing Crystal” via Whole Foods A

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If I was going to be a Parisian spy, this is what I’d wear. I would be terrible at it, but I would feel like my style was working with the crowds. It’s all about the way you choose to feel, no?

I wore this for a day of weekend fun with my husband. It was pretty chilly by the time we took these pictures – I can’t wait for California summer.

My favorite thing about this outfit is that Amour Vert planted a tree when I bought this top. Look good, feel good, do good.

Xo, Sarah


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The World Is My Oyster

Sarah's Ambitions | The World is My Oyster Sarah's Ambitions | The World is My Oyster Sarah's Ambitions | The World is My Oyster

Dress: Zara // White blazer: H&M (similar here from Zara) // Pavé triangles necklace: H&M // Love in a bottle necklace: Forever21 // Triangle ring: H&M // Handbag: Michael Kors Hamilton // Ballet flats: Sam Edelman via Nordstrom // Sunglasses: Target // Eyeglasses (that you are in fact peeping through my sunglasses): c/o Warby Parker contest

Lately my life has been all work, work, work. I am learning how to strike a balance that works for me and I am so excited for some big changes that le hubs and I have planned for the next few months. (Stay tuned!)

For this shoot, we met up for lunch and found this little stretch of oyster shell beach on the Bay right across from the restaurant. I learned that much of this particular city was formerly oyster beds, and the “soil” is full of their pearly shells – resulting in a beautiful beach.

It’s fun to think of what the future can hold and where we will go. The world is my oyster, and I am very proud of what I have already accomplished. I recently had a great conversation with another #getitgirl I admire. It reaffirmed my faith in the power of hard work and perseverance. Each of the two of us is a self-made self-starter, and sharing the motivation is empowering and inspiring. I’m willing to bet many of you are the same way.

Later that day, another #getitgirl friend and I were talking about people who let you down. If you think about it, maybe that’s why so many people I admire have unique, self-made beginnings to their stories: like an oyster, it takes an irritant to start the creation of the pearl. While in application to life I doubt the necessity of major obstacles early on, perhaps that just makes the end result that much better for those of us who don’t just rise to the occasion, but spread our wings and soar.

Have a pearlescent Friday. You have earned it.

Xo, Sarah


Take Me to Spain

Sarah's Ambitions - Take Me to Spain - black and white outfitSarah's Ambitions - Take Me to Spain - black and white outfitSarah's Ambitions - Take Me to Spain - black and white outfitSarah's Ambitions - Take Me to Spain - black and white outfit

Sweater: Gap (spring version here) // Shorts: Zara // Microfiber tights: Target // Ballet flats: Sam Edelman via Nordstrom // Handbag: Michael Kors Astrid satchel (similar Selma in a perfect spring color) // Men’s watch: Invicta // Black pavé bracelet: Target // Round sunglasses: Target

Short and sweet: I want to go to Spain. Necesito algo de cambio y me parece que España sería exactamente lo que necesito. I need some change and Spain seems like exactly what I need.

Chao. Kthanksbeepbeepzoomseeyabye.

Xo, Sarah


The New Boardroom Chic

Sarah's Ambitions - The New Boardroom ChicSarah's Ambitions - The New Boardroom ChicSarah's Ambitions - The New Boardroom Chic

Jumpsuit: Vince via Nordstrom Rack // White blazer: H&M // Sandal heels: Zara // Handbag: Michael Kors Astrid Satchel // Aviators: c/o Ellison Sunglass Co. // Pavé triangles necklace: H&M, part of a set // Black pavé bracelet: Target // Gemstone bracelet: Forever21 // Men’s watch: Invicta

I wore this modified suit for a day of client meetings and delivering completed projects. There is nothing quite as fulfilling as creating something unique that gets the people going. When I think back on the career I’d set my sights on through college – saving America’s health care – I am so grateful that I changed course, even though it meant building something from nothing and some restless nights. Now, I get to explore creative options and create exciting projects, and I love it. Having my blog on the side to feed my passions, too, is amazing. #ilovetheinternet

Making a new boardroom for myself is so exciting. And speaking of new things, these strappy Zara heels were my first shoe purchase from them and I am in love. Can’t wait to rock them every day when it warms up more.

Xo, Sarah


Mini A-Go-Go

Feathered mini skirt: H&M. Black v-neck tee: Target. Faux leather moto: Target. Tan handbag: Michael Kors Hamilton Tote. Black pointed flats with a bow: Ivanka Trump via Nordstrom. Black-and-white bauble necklace in gold: White House Black Market. Pavé pendant necklace: Target. Perfume pendant necklace: H&M. Men’s watch: Invicta, borrowed from le hubs. Jewel bracelet: Forever21. Gold strand bracelet: Forever21. Round sunglasses: Target.

Despite the à gogo length of leg happening over here, this is one of my favorite ensembles to run around and get things done. The fluffy mini is extremely comfortable (even when we did this shoot on the chilly, chilly beach) and stacks of jewelry make everything better. Write that truth down.

Le hubs and I have come to a crossroads in our life, and as usual, we are taking the road less traveled by. It is making all the difference, and I am loving it. We are so a-go-go every day and I wouldn’t have it any other way, except on the days that I just need a nap. But there’s no time for a nap right now, I’m à gogo on my go-go.

Xo, Sarah


Black and White with a Twist

Zara Favorites: 1) Embellished Peplum Tank, $79.90 // 2) Sequin Dress with Fringe, $59.99 (hurry, on sale!) // 3) Chain Belt with Velvet Bow, $25.90 // 4) Sparkle-Shoulder Blazer, $169.00 // 5) Puff Shoulder Blazer, $99.00

We’ve gone over this before: I wear a lot of black. Accented mostly by white. Much the opposite of boring, I like to describe my style as classic — with a twist. When you build your wardrobe around these key colors and pretty basics, adding a little embellishment like a jeweled neckline, some sassy sequins, a girlish bow, a sparkly shoulder or a poufed seam, even the seemingly ordinary can become extraordinary.

It’s 25% style, 25% “the little things” and 50% how you carry yourself. And, bazinga: stylish, sparkly and sweet.

These pretty pieces from Zara are just the injection my wardrobe needs right now. With my career taking off, my closet looking empty and my eye for sparkle growing, I can’t seem to get away from these fancypants basics. Yes, I mean cool and chic. I’ve heard it both ways.

Xo, Sarah

Back to Black

Black sleeveless dress: H&M (similar here) // Faux leather bomber: Target (similar here) // Leopard faux calf hair belt: Target (similar here) // Black leather wedges: Steve Madden (similar here) // Cateye sunglasses: Target (similar here)

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