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Coffee Table Style

Sarah's Ambitions - Coffee Table StyleSarah's Ambitions - Coffee Table StyleSarah's Ambitions - Coffee Table StyleSarah's Ambitions - Coffee Table StyleSarah's Ambitions - Coffee Table Style

Coffee table and tray: IKEA. Hair clip: from our wedding. I Like You book: Christmas gift for le hubs from Anthropologie. Photo coaster set: World Market. Gold candleholder: housewarming gift from Crate&Barrel.

We recently got a coffee table and I am so pleased with it – a fab find from IKEA. Le hubs was convinced that it would block the flow of traffic and be an eyesore, but I have (again) proven my design instincts to work well for us. (He is always skeptical but has now learned to acquiesce because I have yet to steer us wrong. Bazinga, boo.) His common misconception has entirely dissipated with this purchase, since having a coffee table has actually made our lives a richer experience, creating a warmer, more welcoming gathering place in our living room. We spend more time together around the coffee table now, relaxing, reading magazines and enjoying our ocean view – making this my new favorite piece of furniture.

Some simple styling made this new addition feel right at home. Magazine stacks, a silver tray with some favorite books, my wedding hair clip and a bouquet of roses add a lived-in feel. A new favorite ritual is buying a fresh bouquet every time we go grocery shopping, a habit I am most fond of. The gold candleholder was a housewarming gift from some good friends, and the coasters were a DIY project I did using our wedding photos.

I especially love having a place to keep my beloved magazines. This has also given me more opportunities to page through their semi-gloss pages and stay inspired, which has been so refreshing.

Can’t wait to share more of our apartment.

Xo, Sarah


Call Me, Maybe?

Abercrombie & Fitch does “Call Me Maybe”

Fun fact: le hubs and I went to high school together but never really knew each other — we just each remember “that tall, cute person in photography.” In addition to nannying and working in my swimming coach’s office (you may recall that I’m ambitious), I put myself through college working at Abercrombie. Remember that person at the door who smelled oh-so-fierce (yes, the cologne is actually called Fierce) and always said, “Hey, what’s going on?” That was me. I probably said the same line a thousand times while folding the same polos over and over.

My best friend convinced me to transfer to a different A&F to work together, and on my first day I saw this extremely cute guy who had to be 6’5″. I was greeting at a door and re-folding the sweatshirt wall. As I was putting away a stack on the top shelf, cute-funny-tall boy walked in and just stared before saying, “Whoa, you can reach the top!” (Le hubs just informed me he is sure he was much more witty and charming than that.) This cutie happened to be named David. We ended up exchanging numbers . . . but we were both too timid to say, “Call me, maybe?”

Word for the wise: just ask. You never know!

Fast forward four years, and we are twelve days from our second wedding anniversary. I still get giddy with love around my crazy-tall boo. And I never have to ask him to call.

Xo, Sarah

Interior Design, a Step at a Time: Sale-abration

A recent conversation had me thinking more about West Elm. It’s a brand that I love, but I seem to write it off as “too expensive” whenever I’m considering design options. After getting a notification on Facebook that they had a major sale happening, I knew it was a sign — time to re-evaluate West Elm. And boy, did I ever! Not only did their sale make many items entirely within reach, it spurred further investigation into their site. I realized that many things are actually quite fairly priced! I kept on telling le hubs, “This is SO good. And this is SO good! And this — Dave, it is SO good!” Here are my five favorite, affordable picks from their major sale event. I can’t wait to get decorating!

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Love and Loyalty

You may have noticed I have been a little quiet over the past two weeks here on Sarah’s Ambitions — trust me, I’ve noticed. I can’t wait to be able to follow my lovely little editorial calendar to a T! I could give you a million excuses: I’m working on an exciting next step as I work on my current footing, a puppy ate a lamp (and a paper shredder and another lamp), we had to go to the emergency vet — once for each puppy, my grandpa turned 100, I forgot my dad’s birthday was two days after that, my husband got sick, I had to park and re-park multiple times in San Francisco . . . really, the list goes on. But you know what? It boils down to what is most important in life. My little family is my priority, and as much as I love my blog, when my loved ones need me, I am 100% there. Love conquers all, and my tight-knit California family sticks together through thick and thin. I’ll be back ’round these parts soon enough. Until then, show someone you love just how much they mean to you. Then, let’s do what we love — get back to the #getitgirl way of life.

Xo, Sarah

P.S. A big, warm hug to all my friends who make me smile, too. Love you like a love song!

Interior Design, a Step at a Time: Hallway

I have a Pottery Barn gift card burning a hole in my pocket and the itch to finish our living room décor. Some exciting recent events have me feeling inspired, and I am ready to decorate! Our current design works for now, but we pretty much know what we want for our next switchup (and thanks to our [practically] perfect puppies, we will need to do that sooner than later).

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Where I’ve Been…

I haven’t posted any outfit photos lately, but I promise some good ones are on your way soon! The reason for my absence? As my friend Angie says, I’ve had the tummy sads. When you’re feeling bloated and icky inside, it’s not exactly thrilling to take photos of yourself at every angle, so I have been resigned to the couch with my husband, puppies and laptop. (And I haven’t done much working out to earn my shopping incentives, boo!) Here are my favorite things to make me feel better about working from home with a tummy ache — because we all need a little boost on that kind of day.

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The Everyday Coffeehouse

In the rush of a lackluster morning, turning to a quick cup of coffee and cold cereal seems simple enough. But on the days that crave a little more attention, creating your own café experience at home is a lovely diversion from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Keeping simple baked goods on hand is an easy way to not only make the kitchen a gathering place, but also to warm up work breaks and make breakfast fun again. Now that I’m freelance and work from home (and am potty training two rambunctious puppies), I’m lucky if I can slip out to Starbucks once a week. Baking some sweet treats and steeping a little spot of tea makes my morning speed by — and, not surprisingly, keeps me even more productive.

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