Black and White with a Twist

Zara Favorites: 1) Embellished Peplum Tank, $79.90 // 2) Sequin Dress with Fringe, $59.99 (hurry, on sale!) // 3) Chain Belt with Velvet Bow, $25.90 // 4) Sparkle-Shoulder Blazer, $169.00 // 5) Puff Shoulder Blazer, $99.00

We’ve gone over this before: I wear a lot of black. Accented mostly by white. Much the opposite of boring, I like to describe my style as classic — with a twist. When you build your wardrobe around these key colors and pretty basics, adding a little embellishment like a jeweled neckline, some sassy sequins, a girlish bow, a sparkly shoulder or a poufed seam, even the seemingly ordinary can become extraordinary.

It’s 25% style, 25% “the little things” and 50% how you carry yourself. And, bazinga: stylish, sparkly and sweet.

These pretty pieces from Zara are just the injection my wardrobe needs right now. With my career taking off, my closet looking empty and my eye for sparkle growing, I can’t seem to get away from these fancypants basics. Yes, I mean cool and chic. I’ve heard it both ways.

Xo, Sarah


  1. I always describe my style the same way- classic with a twist! I like to try out trends and different looks but I keep it all looking classic and put-together. I love all these items (I have a great strong shouldered blazer in my closet with leather accenting…fab) and I’m all about that peplum top! Must purchase!

  2. I want that Zara dress so bad!! Great pieces and the bonus is classics are always in style!


  3. I love outfit number 5! When I was younger, my mom had forbidden me from buying any more black pieces – she said I looked like a teenage widow most of the time! To these days, I still wear a lot of neutrals though, but I always add some pop of color to it… especially pink!

    • Isn’t it strange how things people say can stick? I used to feel a little odd about wearing so much black, but it looks good, it’s a classic and if you do it right, it is oh SO chic! Xo

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