Surefire Chanel: Fall 2012 Haute Couture

Although my career swallowed me whole for a bit, I was able to keep up with the fantastical, ingenious world of Haute Couture through the magic of Twitter. Clearly, the first show I needed to check out was Chanel. Here are my six favorite looks, in all their graytone and pretty pink glory. Karl Lagerfeld sure does know how to do chic. This iconic fashion house never disappoints.

This look is an easy favorite — can you not see me rocking this at least once a week? Shimmer, graytone and bouclé tweed. If this doesn’t scream my name to you, we clearly haven’t met.

This is a pretty-in-pink, to-die-for combo I can’t resist. Classic fall look with a punch.

A look that’s cut on the bias but fitted — Karl speaks my language. Paired with statement buttons harkening the ’80s and iconic Chanel captoes, this would easily be a staple wardrobe addition.

Note this ensemble’s detailed piecework on the top and nipped waist for the trousers. Chanel knows exactly how to balance a bottom-heavy look.

Here, a sheer, feathery blouse paired with tall trousers that feature button-framed pockets is a modern, chic approach to monotone magnificence. 

Of course, the show’s final look was a million-dollar stunner. Look closely and note the bodice’s ornate detailing and the opulent skirt feather décor. Swooning over this swan.

I have long proclaimed that my first “big time” purchase will be a Chanel bag, and this collection reaffirms my convictions. The reinvention of classic, iconic luxury, season after season, never ceases to amaze me. Incredible balance, intricate detailing, simplistic refinement — Chanel encapsulates all I idealize in fashion. One really can’t go wrong when it’s Chanel.

Xo, Sarah

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