Call Me, Maybe?

Abercrombie & Fitch does “Call Me Maybe”

Fun fact: le hubs and I went to high school together but never really knew each other — we just each remember “that tall, cute person in photography.” In addition to nannying and working in my swimming coach’s office (you may recall that I’m ambitious), I put myself through college working at Abercrombie. Remember that person at the door who smelled oh-so-fierce (yes, the cologne is actually called Fierce) and always said, “Hey, what’s going on?” That was me. I probably said the same line a thousand times while folding the same polos over and over.

My best friend convinced me to transfer to a different A&F to work together, and on my first day I saw this extremely cute guy who had to be 6’5″. I was greeting at a door and re-folding the sweatshirt wall. As I was putting away a stack on the top shelf, cute-funny-tall boy walked in and just stared before saying, “Whoa, you can reach the top!” (Le hubs just informed me he is sure he was much more witty and charming than that.) This cutie happened to be named David. We ended up exchanging numbers . . . but we were both too timid to say, “Call me, maybe?”

Word for the wise: just ask. You never know!

Fast forward four years, and we are twelve days from our second wedding anniversary. I still get giddy with love around my crazy-tall boo. And I never have to ask him to call.

Xo, Sarah


    • I absolutely love this video! Working at A&F for five years plus already loving this song makes me absolutely smitten :)

  1. Awww that’s is such a sweet post! When things have to happen… they just happen. Happy early anniversary! Oh and I’m jealous you can reach the top shelf. *playsadsong*

    • Thanks so much, Ana! So true; everything just worked out exactly as it was meant to be. And trust me, reaching the top shelf has it up sides and down sides. I might be able to put away a stack of sweatshirts, but my pants are never long enough. Haha! Xo

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