Hashtag Mega Chic

Black dress: H&M // Faux fur collar vest: Gap (similar here) // Black microfiber tights: L’eggs // Black wedges: Steve Madden (similar here)

Long faux pyrite necklace: Forever21 // Teardrop pyrite necklace: Target // Black round sunglasses: Target // Wide watch: Kenneth Cole (borrowed from le hubs) // Floral bracelet: from my wedding

Take note: I wear a lot of black. It goes with everything and is just mega chic. Most importantly, I’m totes comfortable in it!

I wore this for another day at my fabulous new job. In case you missed the running theme on Twitter, I love it. Because I am mega busy (perhaps even before being mega chic), le hubs and I had to snap these photos on the fly. The grainy aspect just makes them a little more evening-in-Paris-esque, right? (Well, dreaming is how I got to where I am and I intend to keep it up!)

Stay chipper, my stylish and sparkly sweethearts. It’s all in the attitude!

Xo, Sarah

6 thoughts on “Hashtag Mega Chic

  1. nic

    You look great in all black! Super chic as Amanda said above. Your skin tone, hair and red lips are such a beautiful contrast!



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