Love + Luxe Anniversary

Last week, I joined some fabulous bloggers at an event celebrating San Francisco gallery Love & Luxe‘s one year anniversary. This beautiful studio sits pretty in the Mission, its beautiful architecture a welcome addition to the eclectic neighborhood mix. But first: the jewelry. Holy smokes, the jewelry!

Ashley Buchanan’s necklaces, displayed over an X-ray light box, caught my eye immediately. These precision-cut, powder-coated beauties are exquisite!

Liz Oppenheim uses a lost wax technique called mitsuro to make metal curl into interesting, almost organically-inspired shapes.

Jenna Levine’s weighty, geode-like pendants.

Betsy Barron’s heartfelt designs make her more than just the owner of Love & Luxe — she’s the soul of the store.

Store owner Betsy Barron also designs her namesake collection — in the back of the studio. Her workshop is beautifully quirky and inspiring, and her infectious laugh and ability to share her inspiration made the evening fun.

Betsy Barron, owner and artist-in-residence.

Eclectic storage in Betsy’s studio.

These stacks of rings from Betsy’s collection were the perfect eye candy!

I tried on a ring stack curated by Betsy herself. This photo doesn’t do the rings’ brilliance justice!

Looking out on the gallery from the in-studio workspace.

These silver pieces by Elise Moran caught me standing next to their case more than once. I love the gem-inspired metalwork.

A giant-size replica of Elisa Moran’s pendant sat in the window — so fun!

To top off the evening, we were sent home with amazing gift bags. I can’t wait to share the pretty pieces inside! The drive to support local shops like Love & Luxe is one of the many things I love about San Francisco. Everyone there was excited about the store’s mission, and what it brings to the Mission neighborhood. Be sure to stop by this beautiful store the next time you meander to Crazy Sushi for some amazing Japanese food, or when you pop into Mira Mira for some clothes shopping. Get inspired and shop local!

Xo, Sarah

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