The Greatest Comeback

Tuxedo blazer: H&M (similar here) // Cream half-button tank: Gap // Black pleated maxi skirt: Laundry by Shelli Segal (similar here) // Black wedges: Steve Madden (similar here) // Tan Hamilton handbag: Michael Kors

Black and gold deco bib necklace: Forever21 // Silver and gold watch: Invicta, borrowed from le hubs (similar here)

My last post was called “The Great Escape” and I was dreaming of a vacation with my husband. Today, it’s not about dreams, it’s real life. It has been a little while since my last post, and I have a little story for you. It’s called “The Greatest Comeback,” and I’m here to stay.

First of all, my exciting news: I started a fabulous new job on Monday! It’s like HGTV in real life plus writing and a great team. One word: bazinga. I wore this outfit for my second day. I need a second just to say what a difference a positive work environment makes!

Sadly, this life change also meant a revelation of some unfortunate truths in other aspects of my #getitgirl ambitions. I realized some people I had previously admired were not the type of #getitgirls I had originally hoped. I even half-considered stopping blogging because the thought of someone pawning my ideas as their own left me disillusioned — but only for a minute. Some of the real #getitgirls in my life advised me to do otherwise, but I realized the greatest comeback would not be in stooping to a lower level but in moving forward.  The strongest move in the face of opposition is to keep at it. I’m ambitious, after all, and I’m sticking around. (That is, until Anna claims me.)

Shoutout to all the real people in the world: all my love. Shoutout to my haters: sorry that you couldn’t faze me.

Can’t wait to see what’s in store for this #getitgirl and company, in every sense of the word. Greatness is what we on the brink of.

Xo, Sarah


  1. Um excuse moi, someone tried taking your ideas? All unoriginal people need to step aside and let you shine! I’m glad you’re here to stay, I have no doubt that you will get absolutely everything you’re working for with that positive attitude of yours. Congrats on the job!xo

    P.S. “Shout out to my haters, sorry that you couldn’t phase me.” <–amazing

    • Kristin, you are awesome! I am so thankful for the stylish, sparkly and sweet people in my life like you :) And of course I had to work in a Nicki lyric or two!

  2. Congratulations on the new job!

    Sounds like you’ve had a rough time recently – so sorry to hear that! It’s fabulous when someone is inspired by you and gives you a shout-out, it’s awful when they just pawn your ideas as their own. :( But anyway, I’m glad you’re back to taking the world by storm!

    • Thanks, Kate! I am so happy with where things are going and am just plowing forward. Focusing on the good, in a chin up, head down kind of way! Xo

  3. Cute outfit! I’m loving your pleated maxi skirt- I’ve been wanting to get one too but have been a little apprehensive, but I think i’m going to bite the bullet! I’m so sorry that you’ve been having some drama lately! I can’t believe someone was trying to steal your ideas- that’s not cool and happened to me once before as well and it’s really upsetting! Good for you though for moving onward and upward! So excited for this next step for you and know that you will be amazing in whatever you do!

    • Thanks, Emily, you are so sweet. Onward and upward is exactly how I’ve decided to do it — #getitgirl power goes on! I was apprehensive about this maxi at first, too, but after I tried it on I knew it was a keeper. Definitely recommended! Xo

  4. You are one of the most beautiful, original, sweet young ladies that I’ve ever had the pleasure to know! My blood boils at the thought of anyone trying to use you for their own gain. Congrats on the new job and cheers to being my favorite #getitgirl!

    • Adiel, you are awesome. Thank you so much for the support! I am loving my new job and am so happy all things #getitgirl are falling into place :) xo

  5. Congrats to you! Your outfit is so adorable. I’d hate to see you leave the blogging world so I’m happy to hear that you’re showing them (insert haters). Hope to see you soon :)

    • Thank you, Courtney! I am here to stay and can’t wait to see where I can take these #getitgirl dreams. I would love to hang out soon! Xo

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