Back to Black

Black sleeveless dress: H&M (similar here) // Faux leather bomber: Target (similar here) // Leopard faux calf hair belt: Target (similar here) // Black leather wedges: Steve Madden (similar here) // Cateye sunglasses: Target (similar here)

Acrylic perfume bottle necklace: H&M // Delicate angel wings bracelet: H&M // Gold cuff: H&M // Black leather wristlet: Coach (old, similar here)

This shoot, I wanted to try something different — I love the way the black and white photos turned out. One big thing did not change, though. You have probably noticed by now that I go back to black ensembles often. As much as I am fashion-obsessed and love trendspotting, black is a major part of my wardrobe year-round. I’ve tried to fight it, but I just like it too much! The best outfits are comfortable and chic, and many for me include that dark hue.

On a lighter note, le hubs and I have a few exciting things happening. Among the most notable: I wore this look for a night out. We have been so busy being the #getit kind of people that we were most likely found at home in PJs on a Friday night, working on our laptops. This past weekend, not only did we go to sushi and a karaoke bar with a great group, we also had lunch with friends and found a new bed and couch on Craigslist. I’m busy and I love it. The only downside from all the hustle, bustle and furniture moving? My manicure is totally ruined. But I can deal.

Xo, Sarah


  1. That’s a great way of ruining your manicure – I love being busy too! The husband and I tend to stay at home a lot too. Sushi and karaoke sounds so much fun! Although it would take an awful amount of alcohol to make me sing I’m front of people!

    • Haha, Ana, I definitely did not sing. It was fun to get out and try new kinds of sushi and see some friends, though! Xo

  2. Girl, as much as I love color (and I looooove me some color) you can’t go wrong with a chic black on black on black look sometimes! And you look marvelous :-)

    I agree that Friday nights I am usually home exhausted from the work week, so my bf and I are making more efforts to get a lil crazay lately! lol :-) Miss youuuu (yes already!)

    <3 Amanda

    • And I love it when you rock color! Black is just my go-to. I’ll never leave it 😉 So good to see you the other day, can’t wait to again soon!

  3. You look gorgeous in these pictures and your outfit is so fun and sassy– perfect for a night out! As much as I’m trying to embrace color, my favorite outfits are usually black… but hey, the lbd got famous for a reason, right? 😉 Yay for a fun filled weekend and new furniture! But boo for the manicure- I’ve taken to doing my own nails a few times a week and I’m actually enjoying it! That way I can test out crazy colors and trends!

    • Emily, you always have the best comments. I totally agree on the LBD! Definite staple! I DIY’d a manicure yesterday to “fix” it and of course majorly botched it. Luckily I have some exciting news coming up that will save my poor nails, haha! Xo

  4. I feel totally spoiled to have been able to spend so much time with you last weekend. Can’t wait to see you tonight! xx

    • Adiel, I love you hard core. SO happy to be spending all kinds of stylish time with you (because that is the only kind of time I have ever seen you spend). Love, love, and a little more love. Xo

  5. I can’t get away from constantly wearing black (or gray). Luckily it always looks so chic. Loving your jacket and so glad that you’ve gotten a night out!

    • Thanks, Sarah! I seriously can’t stop it with wearing black. But I’m ok with that :) Chic, simple, professional — you can’t go wrong!

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