Rosy Gold

Blazer: H&M (similar here) // Chambray pullover: Gap (old, similar here) // Black maxi dress: Calvin Klein // Wedges: Dolce Vita for Target (old, similar here) // Wristlet: Coach (old, similar here or here)

Coral flower pin: H&M (similar here) // Invicta watch: lovingly borrowed for good from le hubs (old, similar here) // Gold lines bracelet: H&M // Mint and gold bracelet: H&M

Many things have changed in the past few years for me — as I was putting together this post, I accidentally got lost in old photos. The ways that I have changed are amazing, and I appreciate each step so much. Without waxing too poetic or dragging you down Memory Lane, I noticed there are two basic things in this post I swore I’d never do again: gold jewelry and short hair.

When I was younger, gold meant all things out of date to me. Now, it seems fresh, and I love the way it pairs with this season’s coral and mint tones. These golden hour photos really show the vibrance of pairing the coral flower pin with gold, especially against my classic outfit hues, and I love the color play. Transitional pieces like my husband’s watch, which combines gold and silver, are perfect for me. I feel like my staple jewelry — my white gold rings — can then blend seamlessly with my trendy accents. For a while, though, I was completely off the watch kick and just wore whichever pieces I felt like. It’s funny how one’s style evolves over time (even just a few months!).

As for the hair . . . well, let’s just say this was unplanned. My stylist moved to LA and her replacement at the salon had some listening issues. I.e. I walked out with a borderline hipster mullet, which I didn’t realize until I was at home. She did a great job, but that was not the cut we discussed and I’m not a hipster. (The exact verbiage was “barely anything” and she confirmed, “just a dusting” — but I am missing a good six inches over here.)

In true #getitgirl fashion, I had a big interview the next day. I was not about to walk into those glorious and covetable offices one, feeling uncomfortable, and two, looking like something I’m not, so I recruited le hubs to supervise, grabbed some scissors and just cut off the innermost layer. Ta-da! I call this cut the “Accidentally Anna.” When I blow it out just right, I look like the perfect SF version of Ms. Wintour — and I can’t say that isn’t growing on me.

Xo, Sarah


  1. I used to feel the same way about gold– there was a time I couldn’t imagine ever wearing it but now I love it! I think jewelry trends really are like that– it goes out for a while and then comes back in. I currently love mixing gold and silver together though and creating stacked wrists! I’m also dying for a mint colored watch! And I can’t believe you did your hair yourself! it looks so cute on you! I have very long hair and have been itching to go short again!

    • You always have the best comments!! Thanks so much, Emily. I saw a really cute mint and gold watch from Anthropologie on Sterling Style. In general, I just can’t wait to shop! And I completely agree on trends — I hope to hold onto some key pieces so I can pass them along someday, when they are suddenly cool again haha.

  2. I used to feel the same way about gold! I’m not sure when I changed, but I absolutely love it now – especially in the Spring/Summer. And I still stand by the fact that your hair looks amazing!

  3. I love and adore your new hair. Every time I see it, I think: “What a stunning and gorgeous woman”. It’s true. You are both, inside and out! I love your guts, and this look on you. You are so Charlize Theron Statuesque.



  4. Sarah I was doing a search on a certain Invicta watch and a photo of you popped up (your “Back in Black” session on the beach). I thought,’who is this stunning lady?’ Well I clicked a couple more times and came across your blog and I signed up. I’m a 50 something year old watch collector and I particularly like your attitude toward life. I live in Tulsa OK and look forward to more of your insight. Godspeed to you and yours.


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