Interior Design, a Step at a Time: Sale-abration

A recent conversation had me thinking more about West Elm. It’s a brand that I love, but I seem to write it off as “too expensive” whenever I’m considering design options. After getting a notification on Facebook that they had a major sale happening, I knew it was a sign — time to re-evaluate West Elm. And boy, did I ever! Not only did their sale make many items entirely within reach, it spurred further investigation into their site. I realized that many things are actually quite fairly priced! I kept on telling le hubs, “This is SO good. And this is SO good! And this — Dave, it is SO good!” Here are my five favorite, affordable picks from their major sale event. I can’t wait to get decorating!

1. West Elm Ellery Chair, $399.99 • I love the wingback detail of this chair and the way it still keeps simple lines. The dove gray color is perfect for coordinating a chic color scheme, and the price for the quality is quite good. I’ll take two, please!

2. West Elm Pendant Cord, $29.00 • We need more lighting in our apartment (see the post script note below) and have been looking for pendant lighting options that don’t require a ceiling installation. This minimalist option is spot-on, with 15 feet of length and the option to add a shade. (If you want the yellow cord, it’s only $19.99!)

3. West Elm Cinch Terracotta Side Table, $79.99 • I love the mix of glossy white and natural terracotta, allowing a more versatile color palette and earth-inspired elements. Bonus: this piece can go inside or out.

4. West Elm Demilune Bath Shelf, $159.99 • This would actually go in our kitchen, where I’d like to display some cookbooks from my grandma, since the only things I have from her are gifts she gave to me growing up. The half moon shape takes up less precious floor space (this is the Bay Area, each square foot costs approximately another $500 a month) and means our puppies won’t knock into a corner, either. Done and done.

5. West Elm Bamboo Flower Shower Curtain, $24.99 • Absolutely affordable and undeniably beautiful, the not-quite-opaque fabric lets extra light into the shower while giving privacy, too. Paired with some metal accessories and plush bath mats, and this gives a spa-like look at a DIY price.

Xo, Sarah

P.S. Since my last interior design post, we realized that our lovely little puppies had brought about the untimely demise of two lamps, our couch and our paper shredder. It’s high time to redecorate around here! Thankfully, we figured out a way to stop the cord chewing and they are much better on furniture now (the couch damage was from a couple months ago, but just recently discovered), so we hope our next round of interior design will last a little longer with our fluffpup tinkerbells. Fingers crossed! #puppylove


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