The Bella Bellini

After making it halfway through a hectic week last night, le hubs and I both needed a drink. I decided to try something new — and we loved it! I call it The Bella Bellini. Here’s how to make this delicious and fun cocktail!

1. Ingredients: Ciao Bella Blood Orange Sorbet (available at Whole Foods) and champagne or moscato spumante (a sweeter option).

2. Pour a little champagne into the bottom of an extra-large wine glass or other fanciful stemware. (This step keeps the sorbet from sticking to the bottom; and fanciful stemware is clearly a necessity in every 20-something-plus home.)

3. Scoop it up! Add in one or two scoops of sorbet.

4. Top it off with more champagne — careful, it has a tendency to get pretty bubbly!

Voilá! The Bella Bellini! Now, enjoy, unwind, laugh and reminisce. We did!

Xo, Sarah


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